About the Program

Eyeglasses for Education is a free program available to ALL Colleges and Universities across The United States and Canada.

It is a program designed to ensure students and staff have optimized eye health care to ensure proper vision through their own health plan benefits.

Each enrolled school can take advantage of our four main offerings:

Student Support

Swift Optical gives away one free pair of prescription glasses to a student in need, per month, per enrolled campus. It is up to the school to decide who is most in need – but we provide the glasses with absolutely no charge. We even cover the shipping!

Student & Staff Eye Health

We provide on-site eye exams at Colleges and Universities in order to ensure everyone (students and staff) have an updated prescription. The eye exams are covered through your health plan and are usually reimbursed. We then optimize a package for your school based on your eye health benefits plan to ensure you maximize your vision care options.

Student Employment

We provide employment for a student on each enrolled campus as a Student Brand Ambassador. The selected, entrepreneurial-minded student will help us administer the program on the campus and will act as a liaison between Swift Optical and the enrolled school. The SBA can also earn extra income by selling frames to students on their campus.


We provide $1,000 scholarships to students in need.