Student Health

We provide on-site eye exams at Colleges and Universities in order to ensure everyone (students and staff) have healthy eyes and an up to date prescription.

The eye exams are covered through your health plan and are usually reimbursed. We then optimize a package for your school based on your eye health benefits plan to ensure you maximize your vision care options.

More details:

Each participating school in the Eyeglasses For Education Program will receive the option to have on-campus eye exams performed by qualified optometrists. These 1 or 2 days events are meant to ensure your prescription is up-to-date and available to you if you need to purchase glasses. These eye exam events are usually covered by your schools’ or student union’s eye health benefits.

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At each eye exam event we will provide you with a complete prescription eyeglasses package that matches your school’s benefits package. By signing up for the event on your campus, you usually will get 1 or 2 pairs of prescription glasses at no cost to you. These offer vary from school to school depending on your benefits plan – however, we always ensure our events are specifically tailored to your plan.

Typically we run an event for students and one for staff of the campus at different times. This allows us to tailor the packages even more.